Ecofriendly packaging that changes the way you pack.

Did you know that the waste generated from packaging has accelerated in filling our landfills? It's critical to be more conscious about our carbon footprint.

our passion for the climate has us rethinking the definition of packaging, and we have put our efforts into making it as eco-friendly as possible. along with great design, delivering a sustainable package shows great consideration for the consumer and the climate.

with different options available, we introduce the different ways you can pack while saving the environment.

Sustainable Options

your choice of packaging will entirely rely on the product you are sending. some products require specific boxes and fillers to ensure the integrity of what's being shipped.


  • Our Econolux Mailers and inserts are 100% recyclable and made of 30% recycled fibers. We source our corrugated boards locally in Houston, TX and in the SF Bay Area to minimize our carbon footprint.
  • E-Flute - 1/16 inch thick, because of its thin profile, cushioning properties, and flat surface, E-flute offers a strong alternative for conventional paperboard folding cartons including boxes for cosmetics, fragile glass, and ceramic items, and delicate instruments.
  • B-Flute - 1/8-inch thick, flatter surface for higher quality printing and die cutting, B-flute offers excellent puncture, crush resistant properties, and consumes less warehouse space.


As an alternative to packing peanuts and air pillows, we have a few sustainable filler options that are 100% recyclable and locally sourced.

  • Spiropack - sustainable, dustless, and compact. Made from FSC® certified paper and 100% recyclable. Available in kraft, black, and white.
  • E-Flute Shred - 100% postindustrial shred made from our own production scraps-available in white/ kraft mix
  • Black Renew Foam/White Foam – Sourced from local suppliers and can be recycled as plastic #4
  • Ecofetti - Polyethylene (PE) closed cells foam. Made from 100% post-industrial waste and recyclable.

Dropship Overpack

  • Biodegradable dropship overpack - Certified home compostable AS5810 to biodegrade within 180 days (about 6 months). For more information: