ethical Marketing Policy

Effective date: June 15, 2022

chameleon like is strengthening its Ethical Practices regarding Email Marketing. The policy will ensure that the Company does not reach out to any clients/prospects unless they have explicitly opted-in/subscribed to our email list. 

chameleon like believes that all digital marketing efforts should deliver value to clients/prospects.
This ethical email marketing policy lays out the ethical marketing practices followed by chameleon like and the obligations they have taken to ensure that all digital marketing work surpasses the industry's ethical norms.

In May/June 2022, the Company digitally reached out to their email addresses on file (6,753 addresses) through Constant Contact (CC) in several waves, asking the recipients to explicitly opt-in/subscribe to their email list. The campaign has yielded a list of 294 email addresses. The email addresses that didn't explicitly opt-in/subscribed were removed from CC. 


The company will grow its email list by reaching out to clients and asking them to explicitly opt-in/subscribe and be added to the email list. 

The company will use six different methods to collect the information. 

Social Media Posts

Website “Contact Us” Page 

  • Customers/prospects will have the option to be added to our email list from the Contact Us pages on our websites.

Outside and Inside Sales 

  • The outside and inside sales team will encourage clients/prospects to opt-in via the “Subscribe Landing Page” or the website’s Contact Us page.

Zoom Meetings and Events 

  • For Zoom meetings and events, there will be a QR code that redirects to CC landing page to make it easy and convenient for customers/prospects to opt-in/subscribe “on the spot”.  

In Person Meetings and Tradeshow iPad

  • An iPad will be used at tradeshows and in-person meetings. Clients/prospects can opt-in/subscribe on the spot.


  • Clients will be encouraged to opt-in/subscribe through our Customer Retention Survey and Product/Service Satisfaction Survey.


  • The Company has committed to never sharing or selling the email list. 
  • The email list will be stored on the Company’s private server and accessed by the Company’s IT Department and the Company’s Digital Marketing Manager. 
  • The email list will also be stored on the Company’s CC account, and access to CC will be limited to the Company’s IT Dept and Digital Marketing Manager. 


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us, please contact us by email at or by mail using the details provided below:
345 Kishimura Dr, Gilroy, CA 95020