Journaling for mental health.

While making your way through the maze of finding a satisfying career, higher education, and overcoming emotional obstacles to success in both realms—your mental health significantly affects how well you can function.

As our society realizes the importance of mental health, people have long recognized that journaling is an effective way to reduce stress, combat depression and anxiety, focus the mind—and organize life. Journaling can be a great tool for meditation; it opens channels of communication while letting go of things that bother you.

No matter the setting, chameleon like has a range of customizable journals that can fit your client’s style of journaling.

When your client needs a place to brain dump – SenzaBrite Perfect Bound Journal

  • A perfect bound journal, customized just for you client’s personal style, is the perfect place to express freely while having a design that reflects exactly who you are. With no one else around to judge—and without fear of punishment—you can let your thoughts flow onto the page with confidence.

For on-the-go thoughts - Commuter Journals

  • While we might find it easiest to journal in the comfort of our own homes, life often doesn’t allow us that luxury. That's why commuter journals are great for jotting down notes on the go—when you're commuting or just not able settle at home. Due to their small compact size, a commuter journal is the perfect way to get all those thoughts out of your head and onto paper while on the go.

Keep up with your physical health - Wellness Journal

  • Taking care of your mental health is essential to maintaining a healthy physical lifestyle. With our custom wellness journals, keeping track of your exercise and nutrition is much easier than before. Writing down your challenges and achievements can help you track your progress, see how far you've come, and drive yourself towards goals.

Stay organized with your daily tasks – Planners

Having a central place to keep your most important tasks and goals helps you sort out and prioritize what areas we need to pay attention to. If you schedule your daily tasks in a planner, you will be able to make time for the things that are important to you instead of feeling overwhelmed by all that needs to get done.