Should we stop creating promotional products?

Have you ever thought about what the world would look like if we just stopped making more stuff? In a society that prioritizes instant gratification and fast fashion, we’re constantly buying the next new item. But, nowadays, it’s difficult to find good-quality products that are made to last. 

The shift to becoming more sustainable is a conscious choice. As we understand the importance of sustainability, we can make a move towards more sustainable practices without having to compromise quality. But how?

Choosing reusable rather than recyclable -  is a great way to reduce waste!

Paper materials have a high recycling rate; however, depending on the material, the chances of properly recycling are considerably low. Opting for an even more sustainable practice would be ordering reusable items and products made of recycled material. 

If your clients are looking for a place to start, chameleon like offers refillable products and products made from recycled materials that help give new life to what people might consider waste. 

Simply Leather Refillable Journal & Refillable Desk Pad

Our curated line of genuine top-grain Italian leather offers two luxurious note-taking journals that are perfect for keeping at an office desk. With classic and timeless designs, both products are made to be reused and refillable. Customize the details and find them in different colors and sizes!

Feltro Refillable Pad Holder & Feltro Refillable Journal Set

These ultra-lightweight products are made from recycled plastic water bottles and bonded leather, perfect take-along for clients that are always on the go. Our refillable Feltro products feature a convenient cell phone pocket and room to jot down important notes and contacts. Once the pages are used, the journals can be easily replaced with another one. 

Both items can hold all your important documents or boarding pass — and still, look great doing it! 

Paperzen Refillable Pad-Holder & Paperzen Refillable Spiral Journal Set 

Originally designed from the tags sewn into the waistband of your jeans, the PAPERZEN material withstands washing cycles and tension. Produced like paper, this natural fiber material is 100% vegan, and eco-friendly, and over time it develops an even more appealing look. PAPERZEN is designed to fit your phone and essential items, and it keeps you on track so you can focus on what matters most. 

Our products look good and feel great, but that's not all. For every purchase of our Paperzen notebooks, 5% goes to underfunded schools, so your charity work is never far from mind!


We strive to make the world a better place, so you can feel confident that any purchase made from us is made with the environment in mind. We hope this list gives you a place to start on a journey to sustainability! Even though we’re in some uncertain times, we can always strive to make the world a better place.